What we do? Why Delisher?

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    Independent Company

    Upon own decision we sell and buy available products at open world markets. We ourselves methodically run business, neither investor, not producers. Customer need is the only thing we care about. This is a core of our work keeping easy and flexible relationship based on a good understanding of production and distribution, logistics support, and training programs. Our experience is great in developing strong and long-term supply between producers and wholesalers. We provide the best balance of price, range and service the industry may to offer.

    Protected Trade

    Our business is bonded, insured, licensed, and we work coupling with same partners, as to us we eliminate a risk even obtaining leaner margins. We enter only in agreements guarantee that third-party warehouse is bonded and counter-to-counter transportation is insured. In the same manner freight service is registered having enough coverage to endure a loss. Remarkably our warehouses are fully insulated and temperature controlled at 55F in addition electronically secured with 24 hour a day including an immediate response surveillance system and sprinkler system for fire protection.

    Customer Support

    Customers expect superb relationship in management of order fulfillment, and then prompt messaging of shipment status within tracking numbers. They want the right order shipped at the time that they expected and be able to return items they find unsatisfactory. We pursue the highest standards of personal and professional service favoring our customers equally suppliers and buyers. Our transactions are defect free, because we learned in years how much mistakes cost to the business and know how a good business should progress.

    We do appreciate a honest and direct communication, and always provide end-to-end support and assist your business at every step of the process. Our customer-oriented company is not going to sell everything to everybody. Before we buy or sell to somebody we will spend as much time needed to make sure that deal is realistic and successful.

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    Range and Value

    With respect to brand, our specialty is real and rare product which stored and ready for shipment. Product should pass two checkouts the government taxation and customs clearance. Brands you see here are fully inspected by agencies and offered on agreements with title owners for export shipment. For a peace of mind our system automates your order handling between your shopping cart and our warehouse, which generates and sends you an acceptance email within a few minutes of placing your order rendering ship confirmation and tracking numbers.

    Multiple Suppliers

    We made a place fitting all kind of customers and welcome them for free listing, whether it mass-production, midsize manufacture, small handcrafter or wholesale dealer. No more hassling with distributors and agents, our website links premium brands straight to the buyers. We offer better services for the customers start receiving real advantages instead of abstract sale effort. Now you can save and spend resources in the goal to improve a quality of drinks, packing solution or simply advertise the brands at crowded markets, while our mission is strictly focused on servicing the accounts to provide with the best possible selection of unique brands and at another side to work directly with vineyards and distilleries suchlike produce higher quality drinks that offer greater value for money.

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    Export Management

    Governmental agencies regulate and control domestic alcohol production, trade and transit. Every company strictly conducts business in compliance to the rules and orders set forth by federal government as well follow particular local state laws. We have the expertise, experience and resources to undertake actions on contracts throughout the United States and overseas. We successfully work with agencies maintaining a certification of manufactures and transportation carriers. Soon after, we electronically collaborate with bonded warehouses securing goods for export which are moved forward by freighters managing themselves multiple international shipping agents along with brokers providing cargo insurance and customs clearance services.

    Order Consolidation

    Journey of bottle of wine begins at winery when is getting bought by us or another dealer, then stays there or travels to duty-free storage. But it will be offered by us to you when is stocked in perfect ambient conditions and totally secured. Where possible, website allows to mix container order or to have a single pallet. We understand our customer wants to receive certain items on time and we guide ourselves accordingly. We will always consolidate our deliveries to one client or destination. We administer a competent guidance necessary to connect into one team the people and groups from dissimilar departments working on your export order to reduce export compliance risks and improve export efficiencies. We bring a synchronization and integration within the established parties and government agencies to guarantee timely delivery.

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    Well-Done Documentation

    Exporter and importer are usually located in different countries. Both need a very solid and professional relationship and a strong network of advocates. We share and connect with reliable partners to reduce the time, cost and risk of shipping products internationally. We understand an importance of precise documentation which we initially as exporters should carefully provide and that slight discrepancies or omissions may prevent merchandise from being exported, result us in not getting paid, or even result in the seizure of the goods by local or foreign government customs.

    We are a professional organization to provide package services for export and we are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of reports in timely manner. Therefore, we endorse that all our paperwork is completed correctly, and is included as instructed.


I like their content management and documentation which have resulted in immediate and successful stock sale and further orders.

Delisher is a great company, staff manages agreements in details and expertise high level of sales service. Alix is an honest and hardworking team player, always willing to pitch in to help the team. He is efficient in planning export delivery, punctual in meeting deadlines, and conscientiously adheres to company standards and guidelines. I highly recommend.

Brad Williams


In his position as leader, Alix has proven to be a tremendous asset to our organization. He is experienced in business with successful results.

I know the owner Alisher Karimov almost ten years when he had built four story building for our company and then steady worked well with us. He has the breadth to see the strategic and still execute a tactical working plan. He's a pleasant person with whom to work and Alix likes 'being out front', making a difference in an organization or endeavor.

Lora Kronin

Real Estate Client

Very professional team, able to handle wine variety offers, with many connections throughout Americas, they are truly leaders and mentors.

I mostly contacted Jane during orders, and found her as well informed about brands and wineries, she is a meticulous manager of project requirements and manages to stay focused on the customer needs. In every request that I've made with Jane, she has shown me how to balance smart a seasonal market demand especially on rose kind.

Zhou Lee